About Us

Fab Tek Logic is headquartered in Minnesota, so obviously we know something about winter conditions and the need for effective hyFin Clamp Element by Fab Tek Logicdronic fin systems.

Gordy Fanberg, inventor of Fin Clamp Element and President of Fab Tek Logic, has been a Chief Engineer in Minnesota since 1971. He has been a hands-on technician and HVAC supervisor his entire career. The inspiration for our Fin Clamp Element came from his personal experience of having to add fins to spaces that either didn’t have enough fins or office spaces that had been reconfigured and were now lacking radiation. It was a time consuming mess to fix those problems! In Gordy’s mind, there had to be a better way. Well, NOW THERE IS!

finBob Fransen is Vice President and co-owner of Fab Tek Logic. He has worked in real estate property management and development for over 35 years. Having operated thousands of apartment units, office buildings and retail centers, he understands the importance of keeping residents and tenants happy by keeping their apartments, homes and commercial spaces comfortably warm. There is economic benefit to keeping residents and tenants longer.  Also, having a sufficient amount of clean, undamaged fins allows a boiler to works at a lower temperature. Utility costs are one of the largest operating expenses for an apartment or commercial building. Our Fin Clamp Element can help your bottom line!

These simply work!  Only solution available that I have found
-- I have about 20 feet of bare copper heating tube in my master bedroom, I am not sure why they were left bare, probably because the contractor who did the heating thought the leaving 1/4 of the pipes bare were adequate for the room.  Well it's not, and it gets really cold even with the heat cranked up.  I have been looking for something like this for the longest time, due to not wanting to have to cut out the 20 feet of tubes and soldering in pipes with fin tubes.  Not to mention having to drain and bleed the pipes after, a lot of time and energy.

I ordered about 20 feet of these
fin clamps and installed them in a day.  Now the entire heating
system in my room has heating fins and the room warms up a lot
faster due to the added fins.

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