Fin Clamp Element

  • Eliminates cold spots
  • Reduces utility costsFin Clamp Element by Fab Tek Logic
  • Happier residents
  • After cleaning pipe, literally installs in minutes
  • Minimizes safety concerns with unsafe space heaters
  • Easily cleaned to maintain efficiency
  • Easy to replace damaged or dirty fins
  • Use existing pipe
  • No soldering, no water mess
  • No technical skills required
  • Even Bob can do it!!!
Worked Well -- We had a section in our office of about 25 feet with straight pipe and no fins, no idea why the builders cut cost there but they did.  After winters in CT the room always being colder than the rest of the house, which I assumed was because it was over the garage, we put these on and they did the job.  Easy to install and saved us from having a plumber come out, shut down and drain the system, cut and installed a new section.  Which would have been very costly.

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