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Our Fin Clamp Element is a multi fin hinged hydronic heating element that is attached to existing hot water or steam pipes. It is installed without need to cut or drain the pipe. It wraps around the pipe and is held in place with a custom clamp. Assembled unit installs in minutes. Replace missing, damaged or dirty fins and increase boiler efficiency!

  • Eliminates cold spots
  • Easy to install in just minutes
  • Can be installed while system is operational (no down time)
  • No mess --
    • No cutting
    • No draining
    • No soldering
  • Available in 1 or 2 foot lengths (can be modified to fit smaller lengths - see FAQ)
  • Helps condensing boilers achieve desired efficiency
  • Fins are manufactured with a heavier gauge aluminum...fins stay straight

Great Product - the fin clamp is more durable than standard baseboard, easy to install, and save time than if you had to cut and solder new baseboard.  It's price is a bit higher, but well worth it.  Produces more heat than my standard baseboard fins.
John A. Larese

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